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How to Earn Cash by Playing Fantasy Cricket Games on FanFight

Though playing fantasy cricket games is not rocket science, you need certain knowledge to sustain in the league. You will start with choosing an upcoming match, build your virtual playing eleven, deposit the entry fee to join a contest, track the leaderboard to stay aware of how your chosen players are performing once the real-life game starts.

Winning money from fantasy cricket depends on the points you earn based on your player’s performances. You need to score than your opponents on a given day. Research thoroughly, gather information, visit websites that offer match predictions and player status, and proceed with confidence to win big.  

Keeping a check on player performance:

One of the most significant aspects to consider while playing fantasy cricket games is how consistently a player is performing. We all have our favorites but including only them in your fantasy playing eleven is not going to work here. You must pick players based on their performance in recent matches, and not by their career records, as how much you earn depends on how your chosen players perform on a given day. The form of a player influences your potential earnings in a particular cricket match.

Research pitch conditions and weather:

Since your potential earning depends on how your selected players perform in real-time, it is important to do proper research on the pitch conditions and weather beforehand. While matches can be postponed or called off due to inclement weather, certain weather can also impact the result of a game. It is also quite essential to analyze the conditions of the pitch because different grounds may disclose different surprises.

Explore the points system:

The point scoring system may vary from platform to platform. Hence, it is important to explore the points structure of the fantasy cricket app you are using. Some apps may consider more weightage to batting points while others consider bowling points for more weightage.

Some fantasy cricket apps provide the users with a balanced points system for bowling, batting and fielding. Sometimes, your scored points vary based on the game format being played. So, your points can differ depending on whether you are playing a one day international match, a test match or a T20 match.

Select your battles:

You need to be cautious of the temptation to participate in all the matches with the expectation of winning more cash rewards. It can be quite dangerous, particularly with little or no knowledge about the games, and you may end up losing your money.

Many fantasy cricket players often tend to spend all their money in one game which is another potential danger. If you are familiar with the proverb that says ‘do not put all your eggs in one basket’, then consider spreading your investments, divide them into parts, and eliminate the risk of losing money.

Consider an app that allows team modification:

In most cases, fantasy cricket app close entries before one hour of the official match time. As the toss happens 30 minutes before a game starts, you can only get a better idea of the likely best players only after the toss. Find out an app that allows team modification even after the toss until the game actually starts. With more knowledge, you will be able to predict the best team formation and increase your winning chances.

Creating optimal squads:

It must go without saying, but picking the right players impacts your winning chances. You should create multiple squads with a higher proportion of all-rounders because they can earn you points for both batting and bowling. Also, choosing the top-order batsmen is a useful way to increase your earnings, as they get better chances to score higher runs.

Picking your captain and vice-captain:

Many online fantasy cricket users often overlook this part but picking the right captain and vice-captain can make a lot of difference between winning big and losing out.   

The captain and vice-captain of your fantasy cricket team respectively acquire 2x and 1.5x the points that other players in your squad earn you.

Select the two best performing players as your captain and vice-captain and have a considerable edge over your opponents. Analyze the performance records and game insights before including any player.

Keep in mind the above-mentioned factors and you will have higher winning chances, boosting your rank on the leaderboard. You should always follow your instincts, consider educated and informed decisions for your virtual team and have fun.   

FanFight Fantasy Sports:

If you are a newbie with the desire to play and explore different fantasy sports, then consider FanFight to start your journey. It is a renowned name in the Indian fantasy industry, and millions use this online platform to play fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy kabaddi, fantasy baseball and fantasy basketball etc.

FanFight gives you the opportunity to use your knowledge of sports, compete with other sports enthusiasts and win big amounts of real cash daily. so, install the app and unveil the fantasy fun.    

The FanFight mobile app can be installed on both iOS and Android. Download the app and experience your chosen players win points for you. On FanFight, you can utilize your bonus amount for joining any public contest.

FanFight keeps offering new and innovative features, enhancing the fun factor for the users. All you need is to install the app on your Android or iPhone, create your account, and you are all set. Join any contest from a wide list as per your skills and experience. FanFight offers big cash rewards daily, so don’t waste time and start exploring.

Install the FanFight mobile app on your Android or iPhone, create your profile, choose a fixture, join a contest by building a team and you are all set.

Earn big by participating in cash contests on FanFight. You can also consider playing free contests and give yourself time to improve your gaming skills. You can easily and safely transact on FanFight.

Attractive and user-friendly interface, unique features, easy and secured transaction are what make this online fantasy platform appreciable. With millions of users, FanFight is India’s one of the best fantasy sports platform.

The FanFight wallet is used for deposit money and it is the place where your winnings are stored. You can see and transfer them whenever you want.

FanFight will always amaze you with unique features and the latest version is certainly praiseworthy. It ensures secure and fast transactions, so you can stay relaxed while depositing money to join mega contests on this platform.

FanFight allows you to create a private contest where you can play with your selected members by sending them an invitation. FanFight can be a great earning medium for you, as it offers huge amounts of real cash. You can transfer your winnings to your Paytm account.

Playing Cricket Fantasy on FanFight:

FanFight has gained immense popularity as one of the Top 5 Indian T20 Fantasy Cricket Apps in India. It gives you the choice to win daily cash prize by playing Indian T20 and ODI fantasy cricket is assuredly. All you’ve got to do is, choose a fixture, pick a cash contest, select the best players and create your own team. Compete with the smartest cricketing brains in the country & win big. What are you waiting for? Switch on your cricketing brains, get in there & experience fantasy cricket at its absolute best.

Revamped Fantasy Cricket Team Formation Rules:

FanFight are upgraded the daily fantasy cricket team formation rules. This feature helps you to maximum of best team creation that helps you to Win the Leader board and be on Top.

A). The minimum number of batsmen in your team should be 3 and you can’t cross the maximum limit of 6 batsmen.
B). You can pick up to 6 bowlers for your fantasy squad and the minimum number is 3.
C). A minimum of 1 all-rounder needs to be picked, 4 being the maximum.
D). A minimum of 1 wicket Keeper needs to be picked, 4 being the maximum.

Join Multiple Contests by Creating Multiple Teams:

FanFight Fantasy Cricket App offers its users to Join Multiple Contests with by creating multiple teams. FanFight introducing a slogan of “More Teams…. More Winning Chances” in multiple entry contest by increasing maximum team limit, where you can join and make up to 15 Teams in multi-entry contests Now.

The winning chances are 20x higher playing fantasy cricket leagues on FanFight App.

Attractive FanFight Point System:

Everyone wants to play Cricket Fantasy and win big, but only one can be the champion, and for that he or she needs to score more points by strongly competing with fellow competitors. In fantasy cricket, one can acquire points very easily because of its amazing point system.

FanFight Cricket Fantasy App brings attractive new updated points system to its users.

The points System offered by FanFight providers are quite interesting as well as striking. It is very easy to score big points, if you know how and when to use your players properly. The captain of your fantasy team usually receives 2 times the point and the vice-captain receives 1.5 times the point. For more info visit FanFight Fantasy Cricket Point System.

Significant Features of FanFight:

The ability to stay genuine makes FanFight unique and distinguishable, assuring a strong sense of security and building a praiseworthy relationship with the users.

The transaction process on FanFight is extremely swift as well as convenient, as it is connected with the payment gateway giants such as Amazon Pay, MobiKwik & Paytm UPI’s like Google Pay, Paytm and PhonePe. Deposits and withdrawals happen quickly and precisely.

Fascinating features like ‘cloning’ where a user is allowed to create up to 15 teams regarding one fixture and ‘Download PDF’ which helps a user to guess his or her fantasy teams have performed outstandingly, making FanFight popular and successful.

Base Points:

  1. For Being part of the staring 11: 4 Points for each Players
  2. For Every Run Scored: 1 Points
  3. Wicket (Excluding run-out): 25 Points
  4. Catch: 8 Points
  5. Caught & Bowled: 33 Points
  6. Stumping/Run-Out(direct): 12 Points
  7. Run-Out (thrower/catcher): 8/4 Points
  8. Dismissal for Duck: -3 Points

Bonus Points:

  1. Every Boundary Hit: 1 Point
  2. Every Six Hit: 2 points
  3. Half Century: 4 Points
  4. Century: 8 Points
  5. Maiden Over: 4 Points
  6. 4 Wickets: 4 Points
  7. 5 Wickets: 8 Points


Strike Rate scoring is applicable only for strike rate below 70 Runs per 100 Balls.

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How to Earn Cash From Fantasy Cricket Games on FanFight
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Though playing fantasy cricket games is not rocket science, you need certain knowledge to sustain in the league. You will start with choosing an upcoming match, build your virtual playing eleven, deposit the entrée fee to join a contest, track the leaderboard to stay aware of how your chosen players are performing once the real-life game starts.
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